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What does a Credit Report show you?

Here is what a typical credit report include

  • Your name, current and previous addresses, phone numbers, Social Security Number, date of birth, and current and previous employers. This information comes from your credit applications.
  • Specific information about each account such as the date opened, credit limit or loan amount, balance, monthly payment, and payment pattern during the past several years. This information comes from companies that do business with you.
  • Federal district bankruptcy records, state and county court record of tax liens and monetary judgments, and, in some states, overdue child support. This information comes from public records.
  • The names of those who have obtained a copy of your credit report. This information comes from the credit reporting agency.
  • Credit reports may also include a credit score that lenders may use to make loan decisions and assign rates.


What does a typical credit report DOES NOT include?

  • Credit reports do not contain data about race, religious preferences, medical history, income, personal lifestyles, political preferences, friends, criminal record, or any other information unrelated to credit.

via Streetwise