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If you are Amazon Prime member, then you can earn 5% on all Amazon purchases when you get a New Prime Rewards Visa Card.

Here are the features of Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card which has 5% back on all amazon.com purchases with no foreign transaction fees.


Here is what a typical credit report include

  • Your name, current and previous addresses, phone numbers, Social Security Number, date of birth, and current and previous employers. This information comes from your credit applications.

Citi bank will send you a Costco credit card reward certificate in February billing statements.

  • This cash reward certificate can be redeemable for cash or merchandise at US Costco Warehouses.
  • This certificate will expire on Dec 31st of the year issued.

No Transfer-Fee Credit Card

Chase Slate – 15 Months of 0% Intro APR. No intro balance transfer fee. No annual fee.

Ultra-Long 0% Intro APR Credit Card

BankAmericard Credit Card – 18 billing cycles (months) of 0% Intro APR on balance transfers. No annual fees.


Discover credit card JAN-MAR 2017

5% Cashback Bonus at Gas Stations (stand-alone)

5% Cashback Bonus at Ground Transportation

5% Cashback Bonus at Wholesale Clubs

from 1/1/2017  through 3/31/2017

  • Maximum cashback amount : upto $1,500 in purchases.


visit https://www.discovercard.com and activate


When you sell shares, at Fidelity by default will sell the shares which you hold for longer time ( first in first out stock sales- FIFO method ). If you sell the stock with higher cost, you may expect a lower realized capital gain which is called Tax loss harvesting.


Polls are open 7 AM –7 PM on Nov 8 2016 ( You will be allowed to vote if you are at your polling line by 7 PM)

You must bring an ID accepted by the election authorities

Here is the link to find your polling location using Google #Everyonein2016 https://g.co/kgs/QHMm0P


Annual benefit enrollment is here. You will make your enrollment elections now through the final date set by your company.

Your company might have informational sessions and meetings with a benefits specialist for you to learn about the enrollment options and cost associated with it.


6 Tax-Saving Strategies

These 6 tax savings tips will allow you to help to save tax at the year-end.

1. Contribute to a tax-advantaged retirement plan or health savings account.

2. If you’ve reached age 70½, remember to take required minimum distributions.

3. Donate to charity.

4. Take advantage of a qualified charitable distribution.

5. Reduce capital gains with tax-loss harvesting.

6. Review your deductions to maximize tax savings (Itemizing deductions, medical and miscellaneous deductible expenses, etc )

via [Six tax-saving tips to complete by year-end]


What is Tax loss harvesting?

You can sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other investments that have lost value, to reduce taxes on realized capital gains from winning investments. It’s called tax-loss harvesting.

You can offset capital gains when you have a investment losses on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other investments that have lost value( both short-term and long-term on stock).