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Neighborhood Credit Union – Kids Savings Account

Neighborhood Credit Union in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex offers Kids Savings account called Looney Tunes Savings Club with a minimum opening deposit of $25.

Looney Tunes Savings Club is open to kids age birth to 11. Kids Savings Club will help learn savings and spending habits in children

  • Club Kit and Club ID Card
  • Club Sticker Sheet ( when your children deposit of $10 to their Looney Tunes Club account, they will receive a sticker that they can redeem for prizes)
  • Quarter Savers Folder ( When your kids fill the folder with quarters, they’ll have $10 to deposit to their club account. They then receive a special club prize and one more quarter saver folder to save again)

Visit Looney Tunes Savings Club – Kids Savings Club for more infomation