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Is My Bank FDIC Insured?

How secure is my money in the bank? Here’s how to find whether your money in the Bank is safe if your financial institution fails.

Always make sure your bank is a member of FDIC. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is an independent agency created by the U.S. Congress which guarantees the safety of deposits in member banks, currently up to $250,000 in each account at a bank.

If you have money at a bank, make sure it is an FDIC member. To find out, go to “Bank Find” section on the fdic.gov website.

Bank Find will let you to find the following information but not limited to,

  • Is Your Bank FDIC Insured?
  • FDIC Certification No
  • Find the location of your Bank’s branches and offices
  • When your Bank was first established?
  • Location of your Bank Main and Branch Office
  • Your Bank’s Website URL
  • Review the history of your bank and more

Is My Bank Insured? – Click Here to Search

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