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How to Start the Process of Getting Off Public Assistance

Guest Post by Valerie Anne B. Reyes:

Becoming financially independent is a dream of many people in the United States currently – and one of the first things most people need to do to get off on the right foot when it comes to finding stability financially is weaning themselves off of public assistance. Although public assistance can be a much needed service for those who are stricken by sudden poverty or are having trouble finding a job, it is usually not enough to live on and certainly not enough to sustain someone for an extended amount of time. Fortunately, there is a way to start finding new ways of bringing income and starting the long road to financial independence.


Talk to your Case Worker

Much of the time, your case worker knows of a program that assists you on getting off assistance. These programs are designed to support you while you’re looking for a job and often include things like job training classes, resume building workshops, and job lead generation help. Not only that, but they also provide transportation to a new job and gas money as well if that’s hard for you to come up with.


Go Back to School
If you have children and need some help caring for them, there is also assistance available for that through your case worker. If you want to go to school at the same time, often schools have small child care programs on campus that will care for your children while you go to class, and most of the time they’re either low cost or completely free, especially if you’re already low income. You might not be able to see your kids very much, but once you’re done completing the program, you’ll be able to provide a more stable life for them in the long run.


Look for Work Online
The internet is one of the greatest aids in finding more income so you can stop using the welfare system. Not only can you search for jobs in the area and apply to them, but if you have a particular skill – say, you can write well, or are good with numbers – then you can market yourself online and bring in some income. Even if you don’t bring in a lot of income, every single thing that builds your resume can help you find prospect jobs later, and working on specific projects can give you a better understanding of what you want to do in your life.


Ask Friends for Odd Jobs

People are often too busy to get some things done on their own, and sometimes you can help out with things around the house. Often there are people who also need errands done when they don’t have the time or may be disabled and unable to do their own chores. You can use these situations not only to make a few dollars in the short run, but to develop long relationships with people that may result in more money later.


Network yourself

Even when you think you don’t have the necessary skills to do what you want to do for the rest of your life, start networking now. Start finding people who may be able to help you once you have developed your resume and skill set. This means whenever you hear about a job fair you should go to it, and whenever someone says something about what they do for a living, you should listen, and even hand them a business card if you think it’s appropriate. Getting off public assistance starts with who you know, not what you know, and the more people you know today, the more likely you are to make progress on getting off welfare.


Author’s Bio: Valerie Anne B. Reyes is a freelance writer. She writes guest posts on personal finance websites, particularly those dealing with credit card consolidation, debt settlement and debt reduction program.
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