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How to Raise Your Credit Score in 5 (Uncommon) Ways

Here are five uncommon ways to raise your your credit score,

  1. Pay Bills Before the Statement Date – if you pay most of the bill before the statement date, you can lower your utilization rate. And that can equal a higher credit score.
  2. Make Multiple Payments – lower the balance on your credit report, the better
  3. Ask for a ‘Good-Will Deletion’ – You can ask your lender for a report deletion
  4. Pay for Removal – collection agencies may stop credit reporting in exchange for payment
  5. Protect Yourself in a Short Sale – Mortgage lender often will report short sale to the credit bureaus,which will damage your credit score dramatically, negotiate this with the lender to not report

[Via Yahoo – 5 Uncommon Ways to Raise Your Credit Score]

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