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How to Earn Money from the Trekking Business?

Using our own two feet is becoming an underrated and seldom used form of travel. But the fact remains that taking a stroll is often more likely to result in unearthing a hidden gem. Walking offers fewer restrictions than trains and buses, and it is also a more intimate way to explore a destination then by car.

Still, this isn’t an acknowledgement that you have to justify when talking to many globe-trotters. No, walking holidays and activity holidays have already captured their imagination.

As such, trekking has become big business. The chance to escape the map and go ‘off-road’ is notone an intrepid explore will often pass up. Luckily for them, the number of opportunities to indulge their passion has increased exponentially. It’s important to remember though that companies looking to earn money from the trekking business need a solid product.

Well-planned itineraries, the guarantee of a safe, fun environment and a wide variety of iconic destinations are essential.

Walking on sunshine: trekkers go in search of exotic destinations on foot

The number of locations opened up by walking holidays is unrivalled. For starters, trekking offers a route to places otherwise inaccessible by any other means. This is a fact not lost on savvy tour providers. If you want to entice explorers into going on a trek, you need the promise of unchartered territory to excite them.

As an example, the sun-drenched and snow-capped mountains of Chamonix have long been attracting adventurers. The small French town came to prominence when it held the first Winter Olympics in 1924. And ever since then its unspoilt attractions, goat-antelopes, marmots and snow hares have taken centre stage. Snow-shoeing your way around the peaceful and beautiful side of the town is the only way to appreciate all of its charms.

Appealing images like this make up the fundamental appeal of walking and activity holidays. Any reputable tour company shouldn’t sink into the ‘build it and they will come’ mind-set. But by promoting best kept secrets such as Chamonix to travellers, the rest of the marketing becomes a lot easier. Word of mouth spreads fast too, especially with social media.

But any company that wants to earn money from the trekking business needs to offer trips to warmer climes too. After all, we did mention “exotic” destinations. For sun-seekers and wildlife enthusiasts, walking holidays offer a unique snapshot of amazing flora and fauna.

Sure, but you can do this on any type of holiday. But don’t forget, getting closer to the natural world is simpler and more personal when travelling on foot. Driving around a game reserve in a jeep provides some fantastic photo opportunities. But nothing compares to walking amongst some of the world’s most incredible creatures. You might not get to strut alongside lions. That would just be silly. But you will get to experience an array of vibrant sounds, colours and scents as you mingle with precious species.

These are the marketable attractions of walking holidays. Get this message across in the right way.

And it won’t be long before a throng of explorers are metaphorically beating down your door with a well-worn pair of sandals.

Awe-inspiring activities

Two weeks on a beach in a tropical paradise is some people’s idea of the perfect getaway. But this traditional line of thinking is being challenged by the advent of the activity holiday.

Even the most lethargic of us are being taken in by the awe-inspiring options available. The chance to snorkel with dolphins at a holiday resort is appealing. However, imagine if you could enjoy the same kind of experience on a daily basis.

The constant thrills provided by an activity holiday should be emphasised by any company offering a similar type of trip. If you want your appeal to adrenaline junkies to be successful then you need to get under the skin of what makes them tick.

Of course, as already touched upon, the market for activity holidays has opened up. Students, parents, children and middle-aged professionals alike are searching for adventure. And it’s vital to grab the attention of a broad cross-section of society.

The key to doing so lies in providing activity holidays to suit every pace.

Taking it all in on your own terms

In the same regard, it’s important to be mindful that some travellers like to take things slowly and enjoy the little nuances of each different sight. On the other hand, more seasoned trekkers might prefer the challenge of an arduous mountain climb or desert trail.

Make sure you get this balance right and provide walking and activity holidays that are suitable for all levels of endurance.

And bear in mind that there are many different types of walking that one can try: a mixture of guided walks, point-to-point excursions and mountaineering are just some of the options.

As tourists aim to broaden their horizons the cliché of the world getting smaller has found its way into modern parlance. One of the offshoots of this trend has been the expansion of holidays where explorers discover new environments on foot.

But it’s crucial for any aspiring tour provider looking to take advantage of this boom to do their homework.

The best in their field offer the complete package and appeal to a diverse customer-base. Not everyone wants to climb up a mountain. On the other hand, strolling through a Portuguese botanical garden isn’t likely to get the hearts of thrill-seekers pounding.

To earn money from the trekking business, you need to provide choice and satisfy the adventurous urges of as many people as possible.

About the Author:

William Geldart is an online freelance copywriter who has covered numerous topics relating to walking holidays, activity holidays and adventure travel.

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