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Get FREE FICO Credit Score with Discover Card

Free Credit Score

When you are buying a home or a car or applying for a credit card lenders use Credit Score to find the risk of the borrower. A credit score is one of the most important components of a consumer’s financial profile, so it’s always good to check your credit score.

Got Discover Credit Card ?

If you have Discover credit card you get to see FICO Credit Score for free.


Discover credit card provides your FICO Credit Score for free. According to Discover Credit Score provided by them will not impact your credit score.


How my Credit Score is derived ? 

FICO considers five categories of credit data from your TransUnion credit report. Here are they

35% Payment History
30% Amounts you owe
15% Length of credit history
10% New credit opened
10% Types of credit

FICO Credit Score Range

What is a good credit score? It totally depends on the type of the loan you’re trying to get. Here’s the FICO Credit Score Range from Discover website.

Exceptional  800 – 850
Very Dependable 740 – 799
Good  670 – 739
Below Average 580- 669
Very Risky 300 -579

for more information visit https://www.discover.com/credit-cards/free-fico-score/