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Discover Money Messenger – Send money to virtually anyone

Discover Money Messenger with PayPal is a service that allows payments from Discover account to virtually anyone. You can send money to any person using their email address or mobile phone number using Discover.com on your computer or mobile device.

How it works

PayPal will send an email/message to the recipient about the money. Money is deposited into recipient account, If he/she is a registered PayPal account holder, else the recipient can open a new PayPal account. Sender doesn’t need to have PayPal account.

Sender must have an Discover Card account to use Money Messenger. The amount is charged to senders Discover card account like a purchase.

Features of Discover/PayPal – Money Messenger

  • No fees to send money
  • Send money to friends or family – no fees
  • Paying for goods or services – no fee for the sender, but PayPal charges recipient a fee
  • Amount will be charged to your Discover card account
  • You can send up to $400 a day ($800 per month)
  • Sender can earn Discover cash back Bonus on every transaction
  • Person receiving the money doesn’t need to be a Discover Cardmember
  • Money Messenger is available from Discover.com or via a mobile app for iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

Here’s more info on Money Messenger.

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