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Discover Card – Benefits for Active Duty Military

If you or a family member is serving in the military on active duty you are entitled to receive Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) benefits.


Discover card is providing the following benefits to servicemembers and their spouses/domestic partners,

  • No late fees
  • Fixed 5.9% APR
  • Coverage lasts as long as the service member is on active duty

Log onto your Discover account and request benefits online if you want to qualify for these benefits during your active duty service,

To qualify Discover card SCRA benefits, the service member must have been or currently be on active duty in one of these U.S. military branches –

  1. Army,
  2. Navy
  3. Air Force
  4. Marine Corps
  5. Coast Guard
  6. Reservists and members of the National Guard
  7. Commissioned Officer of the Public Health Service or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Active duty service members and their spouses/domestic partners are eligible for SCRA benefits on joint accounts.

Documents proof required to show you are a service member who is on active duty

  • Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)Go to myPay
  • Original Enlistment Papers / Enlistment Contract
  • Deployment Orders
  • PCS Orders (for Hostile Areas)
  • Oath of Office (for Officers)
  • Roster (for National Guard Members)

To apply online, you must provide documents that show the service member is on active duty, in addition to start and end dates.

visit www.discover.com for more information