Chase Text/SMS Banking – Commands

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Chase Text Banking gets your account information within seconds. You can get account information using Chase texting commands from your mobile phone. Send text message to CHASE (24273) with a short SMS command ( see the commands below) to receive a text message back containing the account information.

Chase Text Banking is FREE service. To activate this service you should sing-in to your account and set up mobile phone number you want to use for Chase Mobile.

Text/SMS Banking is the faster way to connect with your Chase accounts. Send messages to CHASE (24273) with the SMS commands below (you can also print a handy list of Chase Mobile text commands for quick reference).

Text Command Detailed Description
bal Get balances for all of your accounts

Command: BAL

nick See a list of account nicknames
bal + nickname Get balances for any one of your accounts

Example: to get the balance of nicknamed account ‘chk1′. Command: bal chk1

hist + nickname See transaction history for any one of your accounts

Command: hist chk1

due + nickname credit card payment due date
command See list of chase text commands
stop opt-out this service
help Get information


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