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Best Credit Cards to Build or Repair Your Credit History

The following are 7 best credit cards and prepaid debit cards for people with bad credit or to the people who wants to build credit history. These cards are picked by CNNMoney experts, that will help you to build or re-establish your credit history if you make minimum payments on-time and keep your account balances low (below your credit limits).

  1. Orchard Bank credit card
  2. Capital One Secured MasterCard
  3. Navy Federal ‘n Rewards Secured Card
  4. Citi Secured MasterCard
  5. Mango Prepaid MasterCard
  6. Capital One Cash Rewards for Newcomers – (credit card aimed at people who are new to the U.S)
  7. Open Sky Secured Visa Card

Always remember, It takes time to fix a bad credit score, there is no quick way.

[Via – 7 best cards for bad credit]

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