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ATM Card vs. Check/Debit Card

While ATM and Check/Debit card may all look nearly the same, each are very different in its function, here is the difference between ATM Card vs Check/Debit Card

ATM Card:

You can use ATM Card to withdraw cash at ATM machines, you can only use your ATM card at the ATM machine

Debit Cards( also known as Check Cards ):

You can use a Check/Debit card at most retailers that accept credit cards to purchase things or use to withdraw cash at ATM. It is used to make purchases without the use of cash or checks. These cards can operate as both ATM and check cards.

Money paid using a debit card are transferred immediately from your bank account (does not result in a credit transaction), instead of paying back the money at a later date as in Credit Card.

Both ATM and check/debit card deducts money from your checking or savings account at a financial institution.

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